Recently added Buffalo Bills who are already cut candidates

Cameron Dantzler, Buffalo Bills
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Shane Ray

Another player who earned a contract after the rookie minicamp was Shane Ray, a former first round pick by the Denver Broncos. After a promising start to his career, Ray dealt with some wrist injuries that really impacted his performance and he hasn't played in a NFL regular season game since 2018.

However, that wrist injury looks to be behind Ray and he has been playing in the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts the past two seasons. The signing of Ray was able to reunite him with Von Miller when both were with the Denver Broncos.

At the time of the signing, Shane Ray seemed to be a potential surprise to make the 53-man roster but his chances were pretty good if he looked even close to what he showed earlier in his career. However, since that addition the Bills also signed Leonard Floyd and the position is now much more crowded.

The defensive end position is going to be one of the most competitive on the Buffalo Bills roster during training camp. The front office has done a great job putting together a very talented group but that means Shane Ray might have a real tough time making the 53-man roster.