Recapping Buffalo Bills moves and current state of offensive line entering 2023

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills offense is one of the most dangerous in the NFL, as the offense has the two-headed monster of Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs, along with other weapons such as Dawson Knox, Gabe Davis, James Cook, and newly acquired Dalton Kinkaid.

However, when talking about the weaknesses of the Bills offense, many will say that the Bills offensive line is one of the weakest on the whole team, or rather in the entire NFL, as the whole starting line would rank 22nd in PFF last season.

Allen's sack totals in 2022 ended up totaling 33, although there would've been many more if it weren't for Allen's elite mobility in and out of the pocket.

There many occurrences during the season where Allen has had to extend plays from pass rushers getting free immediately into the backfield, which has made Allen's job much more difficult than it should've been.

This would mainly be showcased in the Bills final game of 2022 in the AFC Divisional round against the Cincinnati Bengals, where the offensive line completely collapsed and failed to give Allen an efficient amount of time in the pocket.

Allen was pressured in 32% of his snaps during that game, which is about 13 out of 42 of Allen's pass attempts, which is obviously something that we wouldn't want to see when it comes to protecting your franchise quarterback, especially in the playoffs.