5 reasons the Buffalo Bills will defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 12

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Emergence of Shakir and Kincaid

Khalil Shakir just turned in his first 100-yard receiving game of his career and I won't be his last. Shakir is becoming an integral part of the Bills offense and has gained not only the trust of the coaching staff but also that of Josh Allen. Shakir's rookie season left some wondering if he would make it with this team. As the season began, his snap count increased with each game and now he leads all wide receivers in catch rate at 88% and fifth among all players.

Speaking of phenomenal catch rates, you can add Dalton Kincaid to that mix as well. With a catch rate of 87.9%, he's number one among all tight ends and sixth overall. When the Bills first drafted him, there were some that questioned the move, preferring a young wide receiver; however, Kincaid has been every bit worthy of the first-round selection and continues to be a key part of the Bills offense.