5 reasons the Buffalo Bills will defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 12

Buffalo Bills
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Bills offensive line is playing well

I've said for as long as I've been a fan of this game that if your offensive line can win more often than not, your offense can score. Obviously, a great quarterback makes that easier but when the offensive line can provide solid pass protection and open holes in the run game, it makes things a ton easier on the skill-position players.

"The Buffalo offensive line has been responsible for just six sacks this season — tied for the second fewest in the NFL and the fewest among teams that have already played 11 games."

Pro Football Focus

This might be the best line in Josh Allen's career and Pro Football Focus agrees, ranking them eighth in the league this season, the highest ranking the Bills line has received in years. One thing that has helped this lie out, is the continuity. In year's past, it seems the Bills were constantly rotating new lines every week, whether due to injuries or poor play.