Ranking Top 5 defense units Buffalo Bills will face in 2023

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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5.) Cincinnati Bengals

When you think of the Bengals, most fans think of their offensive fire power led by Joe Burrow and company. Let’s not forget about their defense which single-handedly shut down the Bills in the playoffs and almost helped beat the Kansas City Chiefs for a second consecutive year in the conference championship game.

In last year’s divisional game, the Bengals defensive line embarrassed the Bills’ offensive line which caused problems for Josh Allen. Right from the start, the Bengals took over the game and never looked back. 

Allen completed just under 60 percent of his throws, 264 yards, and an interception. The Buffalo Bills offense only converted on third down 5 times out of a possible 12 times. When it came to the running game, the Bengals only gave up 64 yards on the ground on 19 carries (with Allen leading the Bills with 26 yards and a score). 

Even though the Bengals lost notable players like Jessie Bates and Von Bell, they will still be a tough stand for the Bills to break down in their matchup this season.