Ranking the last 10 first round picks in NFL Draft for the Buffalo Bills

Bills 2014 1st Round Draft Pick Sammy Watkins
Bills 2014 1st Round Draft Pick Sammy Watkins / Elsa/GettyImages
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#3-Dalton Kincaid, 2023, Pick #25

After drafting Josh Allen in 2018, the Bills have selected defensive players with every 1st round/1st pick of their drafts. The time to prioritize offense in the 1st round was needed. Even though the Bills were not able to move up high enough to grab a WR to pair with Diggs, they went with their next best option, which was the best pass catcher (arguably) of the draft.

They decided to move up from 27 to 25 to nab Dalton Kincaid, seemingly in front of the Cowboys who were in front of them at 26. Some people wondered why they would pick up a TE in the first round when the Bills have Dawson Knox on the roster, but most Bills fans knew from watching his tape at Utah that this was the best move for the Bills at that time.

After a slow start to his rookie season, Dalton came on strong in the 2nd half of the season. He finished with 73 receptions on 91 targets for 673 yards and 2 TDs. Despite a slow start to the season, and with missing a game due to concussion, Dalton still broke the single season catches set by a Bills rookie, including WRs.

Dalton is a smooth route runner and is a security blanket for Josh Allen in the middle of the field. I expect Kincaid to be the 2nd option in the passing game this upcoming season, providing more of the same and improving on his game over the offseason. Because he was the most recent draft pick, it's hard to give him such a high grade, but as of now, I see it as a B+. This grade will most likely reach an A- or even A grade depending on how he develops in this season and future seasons.