Ranking the last 10 first round picks in NFL Draft for the Buffalo Bills

Bills 2014 1st Round Draft Pick Sammy Watkins
Bills 2014 1st Round Draft Pick Sammy Watkins / Elsa/GettyImages
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#1- Josh Allen, 2018, Pick #7

Josh Allen. Need I say more? For the instance of this article, I feel I should. Brandon Beane had maneuvered around in the 2018 NFL Draft from all of the draft picks that he had acquired from 2017 on. The Bills have needed a QB, and this was a very solid QB draft. This draft included Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Sam Darnold, all considered the best QBs of this draft and all 1st round talent.

As of this article, only 2 of these QBs are with their respective team that they were drafted to, Lamar and Josh Allen, are also considered the top QBs of the entire league. Coming out of Wyoming, Allen was one of the most raw talents at QB, but the physical and athletic upside really helped out his draft stock. For this reason, his rookie season was not the best by any imagination, but what Josh Allen put out on display during that season had fans very encouraged moving forward.

From the amazing running plays to hurdling Anthony Barr against Minnesota, a game in which the Bills were massive underdogs, but still won, thanks to the ability of Josh Allen to lead this Bills team to victory. Josh only got better from this season, taking the Bills to the playoffs in each of the last five seasons from 2019 on. He has been the face of this franchise and has broken numerous NFL records, including scoring 40+ total touchdowns in four consecutive seasons (first one in history), beating Dan Marino's record for most TDs in their first five seasons, and being tied for the most rush TDs in a single season (15, Jalen Hurts, 2023) to name a few. Needless to say, this is the QB for the Bills. He is Buffalo, and this is why he is an unquestioned A+ grade.