Ranking the five best quarterbacks on the Buffalo Bills 2024 schedule

Who are the five quarterbacks that will cause the Buffalo Bills the biggest problems in 2024?
Lamar Jackson
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1. Patrick Mahomes, Week 11

This list would be null and void if Patrick Mahomes was not at number one and for good reason as well. He has been the best quarterback in his 7 years as a starter in this league not named Tom Brady before he retired. Even though he had a sub-par 2023 season, Mahomes still won when it mattered the most, in the Super Bowl.

Now, Sean McDermott has had regular season success against Mahomes and the Chiefs, but has failed to win against him in the postseason. Maybe this year will be the same with a potential 4th win against Mahomes. Although, it could be a rough go considering this Chiefs defense led by long tenured defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has gotten significantly better, being one of the best defenses in the league for 2023.

I fully expect Mahomes to get back to form for the regular season considering the weapons around him have gotten better on paper, with the signing of Marquise "Hollywood" Brown and the drafting of Xavier Worthy. Along with these 2 receivers, he has a hammer of a running back in Isaiah Pacheco and one of the best offensive lines in the league.

This could be the year Mahomes gets the better of the Bills in the regular season for the first time since 2020. If that were to happen, they have the bye week to recover the week after before another tough team in the 49ers in Week 13.