Ranking the five best quarterbacks on the Buffalo Bills 2024 schedule

Who are the five quarterbacks that will cause the Buffalo Bills the biggest problems in 2024?
Lamar Jackson
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4. Matt Stafford, Week 14

This might be controversial to have Stafford on this list and to not have Rodgers, but there is some merit to this. Stafford didn't have his best game against the Bills the last time he faced them as a member of the Rams in 2022, but he had an underwhelming season in total.

He dealt with some injuries that forced him to miss some of that season, but he regained some of his youth in 2023. He led this young Rams team to a playoff appearance last year, and he has an outstanding duo of wide receivers in Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua. Along with these wide receivers, he also has a stud running back in Kyren Williams.

The Rams will miss the loss of Aaron Donald to retirement, but that defensive line is young and hungry. So there is no doubt that this Rams team will be a problem, and if Stafford stays relatively healthy, he can make some noise in the matchup against the Bills this season.

3. Jared Goff, Week 15

Having two of the 5 top quarterbacks back-to-back is tough, especially late in the season. Jared Goff had a good game against these Bills in 2022 on Thanksgiving, and this Lions team has only gotten better around him.

Not only have the Lions gotten better around Goff, he also has improved his game. He led this young Lions team to not only a divisional title for the NFC North, the first time since 1993 but also led them to the NFC Championship.

If Goff continues this trend, he could be in contention for Top 5 quarterback in this league. His 2023 season backs up this by having 4,575 passing yards, 30 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. He also led this team to a week one season opener win against the back-to-back Super Bowl champions in the Kansas City Chiefs this past season. Goff can continue this trend in 2024, which could mean a big headache for Sean McDermott come Lions week.