Ranking the five best head coaches the Buffalo Bills will face in 2023

These five head coaches that the Bills will face in 2023 should be the toughest ones they face.

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5.) Bill Belichick

Say what you want about his post-Tom Brady performance, Belichick is still one of if not the best defensive minded coach in football. While he does not seem to be able to help improve the offense with Mac Jones, the defense in New England is the driving force to win games. The Patriots are one of those teams that win games they should not win, and lose games that they should have won. 

During the Patriots dynasty, Belichick destroyed the Buffalo Bills for 20 years with not just Brady, but also great defensive performances. Fast forward to the 2020 season, Belichick was found to not be a total mastermind anymore.

Since Brady’s departure, Allen has tortured the Patriots defense. With that being said, you never underestimate the genius they call Belichick as he can put together a game plan not to out-score you, but to limit your biggest strength which he can then capitalize on.