Ranking the five best head coaches the Buffalo Bills will face in 2023

These five head coaches that the Bills will face in 2023 should be the toughest ones they face.
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Even though talent is important to have to win football games in the NFL, that talent cannot be displayed if the coaching is not useful. There are different types of head coaches that are in the NFL who all have different styles on how they choose to lead their squad.

There are coaches like Dan Campbell who has a fiery personality and know how to motivate people through a speech about biting kneecaps off. Then there are coaches like Mike McCarthy who might be taking on responsibility that should be delegated (such as offensive play calling which can limit an offense). Either way, it is up to the coach to set players up for success in the best possible way. 

When Sean McDermott was hired in 2017 by the Buffalo Bills, he was bringing the opposite of what Rex Ryan was. McDermott was a disciplinarian who brought stability to flip the Bills from a laughing stock franchise to relevancy and one of the teams in the NFL. I believe it is safe to say that he is the Bills’ best coach in history not named Marv Levy.

McDermott has had his challenges as a coach, however. He has made some questionable decisions on the field, has not been aggressive enough in certain situations, and sometimes gets too caught up in the development of young players rather than going after proven talent. 

Entering the 2023 season, the Bills will be facing teams that are true threats in their respective conferences led by top tier quarterbacks. It won’t be just the quarterbacks the Bills have to face, but also their head coaches.

Which five head coaches will the Bills have to bring their “A Game” against this season?