Ranking the final 8 NFL playoff teams: who's the top dog

Buffalo Bills
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2. San Francisco 49ers

Last week, I placed the 49ers as the number two team, with the Ravens number one. That hasn't changed this week, given neither team played, and both are the number-one seeds in their respective conferences. The 49ers are the favorite in the NFC to represent the conference in the Super Bowl. I don't see another team getting in their way, but the Green Bay Packers are going to try this weekend.

1. Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson and this Ravens team have something to prove. They were the best team in the regular season and the league's only 13-win team, but they have only one playoff win since Jackson became the starting quarterback. Beating an upstart Texans team would be a start to putting that narrative to bed. Jackson has the best supporting cast he's ever had, and their defense is top-notch too.


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