Ranking the final 8 NFL playoff teams: who's the top dog

Buffalo Bills
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8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers demolished the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 32 - 9. Is Baker Mayfield good enough to carry the Bucs further in the playoffs? We'll see come Sunday afternoon when they travel to Detroit to take on the Lions. I'm not going to get into predictions right now, that'll come later but I think this will be a close game. That said, I also don't think the Bucs are one of the better teams in the conference. They were fortunate to host a playoff game against a floundering Eagles team, losers of six of their last seven games.

7. Detroit Lions

Ranking these teams wasn't easy and honestly, several are interchangeable too. I put the Lions here at seven because, for one their defense might be the worst of the remaining playoff teams. Secondly, their win against the Rams wasn't nearly as impressive as the other five winners. Regardless, the Lions are a good football team, have some terrific weapons on offense, and can score with anyone.