Ranking the Buffalo Bills potential Wild Card matchups before Week 18

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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Miami Dolphins (Road Game)

The next game would be against the team they would have just played in Week 18 with a return trip to Miami to play the Dolphins. In this scenario, the Bills would have lost on Sunday night with the Steelers also losing but the Jacksonville Jaguars win their final game. The Jaguars would win the AFC South and be the four seed in this scenario.

While the Bills would have to return to play a team they just lost to, they have already beaten the Miami Dolphins this season (and in convincing fashion). The first matchup was in Week 4 as the Bills would secure a 48-20 victory and is the only reason the two teams are playing for the division in Week 18.

It would be another tough game for the Buffalo Bills, but really at this point, all games are going to be against good teams. The reason that this game is ahead of the Chiefs is because the road environment won't be as tough as Arrowhead Stadium in addition to the fact that the Dolphins are dealing with a lot more injuries at this point.