Ranking the Buffalo Bills’ offense in the AFC East in 2023

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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2.) Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins enter 2023 with arguably the best wide receiver one and wide receiver two in Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. Head coach Mike McDaniel was also able to get the best out of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, in who was arguably an MVP candidate at one point last season.

However, injuries to Tua’s head have raised major concerns as to what his future will be with not just the Dolphins, but in the NFL overall. Aside from this trio, the Dolphins offense has a lot of questions at tight end, running back, and offensive line.

In 2022, the Dolphins offense had 20-plus points in ten games and ranked fourth overall in passing yards. Their run game was shaky at best, finishing 25th overall in the league.

The factor that puts the Dolphins second in this list is that when Tua is healthy and is hitting all targets on the field, this offense is almost unstoppable. With two fast receivers and a quarterback who is revamped and has all the confidence from his head coach, the Dolphins pass attack should pick up where it left off.

Their run game has reasons for concern as it will be led by Raheem Mostert, who is 31 years old. Even though Mostert put up 891 yards on the ground, will he be able to serve as the back who can help the passing game get going?