Ranking the 5 best tight ends on the Buffalo Bills 2023 schedule

Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
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1. Travis Kelce

There should be no surprise as to who is the best tight end on the Buffalo Bills 2023 schedule as Travis Kelce is not only the best tight end in the NFL right now but is making a strong case to be the best ever to play the position.

Kelce has now surpassed 80 receptions and 1,000 receiving yards in seven straight seasons, has made eight straight Pro Bowls, and has 69 career receiving touchdowns. He also has been a problem for the Buffalo Bills.

While the Bills allowed tight ends just over 600 receiving yards last season, Kelce accounted for 100 of those yards in their regular season matchup. He has played six regular season games against the Buffalo Bills and has 28 receptions, 357 receiving yards and four touchdowns.

The good news this past season was the Bills were able to keep Kelce out of the end zone and at this point that seems to be the best teams can hope for as he is going to be Patrick Mahomes primary receiving target. If the Bills can limit Kelce's impact it will give them a good chance to once again come away with a win in Arrowhead Stadium.