Ranking the 5 best running backs the Buffalo Bills will face in 2024

The Buffalo Bills' run defense is going to have a tough time stopping the run in 2024.
Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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1.) Christian McCaffrey - Week 13 (SNF)

The best dual-threat running back will take on the Bills for just the second time in his career. Christian McCaffrey has not played against the Bills since his rookie year, where he had just ten yards off of eight carries. Since then, the Bills have managed to avoid having to play McCaffrey. Well, that will change this season as the San Francisco 49ers come to Buffalo in 2024. Since being traded to the 49ers at the trade deadline in 2022, McCaffrey has over 3,200 all-purpose yards along with 31 total touchdowns. Make no mistake about it, when healthy, McCaffrey is the best player on the field.

It does help that the 49ers do have additional top tier weapons in Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk and George Kittle. Defenses who face the 49ers have to create a plan to find a way to contain all of these weapons. One of them is always going to make an impact at some point, but we all know that McCaffrey is the biggest weapon in their offense.

Buffalo doesn’t just have to stop McCaffrey inside and outside the tackles, but he is a fantastic route runner out of the backfield and can get open inside and outside the numbers on a pass. The Bills will have a major tough time keep McCaffrey from going off against them this season.