Ranking the 5 best moves by the Buffalo Bills in the 2024 offseason

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1.) Trading Stefon Diggs and the drama

There is no doubt that the Bills lost a talented receiver in Stefon Diggs. When he was traded to the Bills in 2020, he and Josh Allen immediately connected and the duo became one of the best QB-WR duo in the NFL. Without Diggs, Allen would not have taken the big leap that he did in the 2020 season. As time went on, Allen and Diggs continued to dominate the league but then things started to change in the 2022-23 divisional round against the Cincinnati Bengals where Diggs was clearly frustrated towards Allen on the sideline. He threw up his arms and looked like he was yelling at Allen.

The drama with Diggs continued into training camp last offseason where there was controversy about Diggs not reporting to training camp the first day. Eventually, Diggs would show up and things seemed all great. However, that was after Diggs would post questionable posts on Twitter/X that seemed like he wanted out of Buffalo. Things looked great at the start of the season last year as Diggs was playing like the best wide receiver in the NFL through the first six weeks. Then his production to make a major drop in yards per game as well as touchdowns. 

Long story short, the Bills found a way to win without Diggs down the stretch. After their season ended, it was later reported that there was a locker room disagreement between Diggs and Allen where Allen allegedly screamed at Diggs after their Week 1 loss to the New York Jets. 

At the end of the day, things didn’t look good between Diggs and the Bills going back to the playoff blowout loss to the Bengals and the Bills had enough. Not to mention, the Bills acquired a future second round pick for him so they got the best trade value possible.