Ranking the 5 best moves by the Buffalo Bills in the 2024 offseason

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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3.) Drafting Keon Coleman in the second round

Beane and the Bills’ front office made not one but two different trades on the first night of the NFL Draft. First, out of all the teams to trade with, they traded with the Chiefs to go from No. 28 to No. 32 while acquiring more draft capital. The Chiefs would go on to select Texas wide receiver Xavier Worthy. Then in another shocking move, the Bills would trade out of the first round and move back one spot to the top of the second round with the Carolina Panthers, who would select South Carolina receiver Xavier Legette. 

To kick off the second round, the Bills ultimately stayed at No. 33 and drafted Florida State wide receiver Keon Coleman who has become a quick fan favorite for the Bills. There is no denying that Coleman had a little bit of a rough combine, but the game tape should be the main focus. If you watch Coleman’s highlights from college, you will see a physical receiver who has a great chance to win contested catches inside and outside the numbers. Not to mention, it was revealed that Allen had wanted Coleman to come to Buffalo all along

The Bills are starting new at the wide receiver position and it is headlined by Coleman. Getting Coleman in the second round while also getting more draft picks was a great setup for the Bills considering where they were. While they lose out on the 5th-year option, Coleman’s contract is going to be unbelievably cheap for the next four seasons.