Protecting Josh Allen and other keys to victory for Buffalo Bills in Week 2

The Buffalo Bills are looking to bounce back after a rough week one loss to the New York Jets, here are some key things the Bills have to do if they want to earn their first win of 2023 against the Raiders.
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
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Well, Monday Night’s game was not at all what Buffalo Bills fans expected. Furthermore, I don’t think it’s what any NFL fans expected, as all eyes were on the week one primetime matchup. Aaron Rodgers unfortunately was knocked out of the game only four plays into the new era of Jets football. Josh Allen was not his usual self, as he self-destructed in the second half and threw three interceptions and fumbled once.

The Bills will look to get back on track and earn their first win of the year this Sunday. The Bills will host the Raiders for their home opener in the young season. If the Bills want to improve to 1-1, here are some of the key things that will help them do so.

Protect Josh Allen (Mainly from Maxx Crosby)

This one is pretty simplistic but, if you want to win, you have to keep your quarterback clean. Yes, Spencer Brown, this is mainly aimed at you. The Bills' offensive line wasn’t too bad on Monday against the Jets' elite defense and excellent defensive line. However, the right tackle Spencer Brown was a different story. He was constantly beaten and remains the weakest link along the Bills offensive line. That was a big part of Josh Allen flushing from clean pockets and plays not developing fully.

Brown got dog-walked right back into Allen numerous times throughout the night. Now in his third season, Brown has not become the right tackle anchor the team thought he would be. He has all of the tools and is loaded with potential, but just hasn’t been able to piece it together. In the run game, he’s pretty solid. When it comes to pass protection, he’s been mediocre to bad. This doesn’t bode well for Allen and the Bills, as Brown will face one of the best and most underrated pass rushers in the league all game, Maxx Crosby.

Brown needs to bring his A-game, as Crosby has the potential to wreck the game all by himself. The Bills will probably look to chip him with Knox and double-team him when they can. The good news is, they probably won’t have to worry about Chandler Jones opposite of Crosby, as his issues with the team continue. The Bills absolutely must minimize Crosby if they want to win. If there was ever a time for Brown to take the next step as a pass protector, this is one of those times.