6 pros and cons of firing Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott

After another gut-wrenching defeat, many Bills fans are calling for McDermott's firing. But is that the right move?
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Cons: Is the next head coach a guarantee to lead this team to a Super Bowl

Absolutely not. Some fans seem to think that because I'm against the firing of McDermott and bring up the possibility of falling into another drought, means I'm defending McDermott because he led us out of the drought. That's simply not true but what is true is the possibility that the next coach isn't the guy and ruins this team to the point of not even being a playoff team. And to say, "I'm okay with just being a playoff team" is inaccurate as well. Again, you're making assumptions that the Bills will never get past the playoffs with McDermott. Unless you have some sort of crystal ball to know that I'm happy getting to playoffs year after year and always have a shot at a Super Bowl.

In 2000, the year following the Music City Miracle, Bills head coach Wade Phillips was fired, and I didn't agree with the move then. What followed was 16 years of mediocre coaches and missing out on the playoffs. If you think that just hiring the next "offensive mind" will solve everything and get the Bills to a Super Bowl, you are mistaken. While that's certainly a possibility, the odds of that happening are far less likely than the alternative, which is a revolving door of coaches once again.