6 pros and cons of firing Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott

After another gut-wrenching defeat, many Bills fans are calling for McDermott's firing. But is that the right move?
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Pro: Maybe Coach McDermott is a great team-building coach but not a championship coach

I know some fans aren't willing to give Coach McDermott much, if any credit in helping end the playoff drought but if you're going to blame him for the failures, you should also give credit for the successes. That said, is that who McDermott is? A great team-builder, able to pull a team from the depths of mediocrity and into simply playoff contention.

Maybe, just maybe the next guy will be the guy that helps get this team over the proverbial hump. Perhaps this roster is strong enough and the Allen effect would be enough to lure one of the already proven guys out there to take over this team. Or maybe someone like Eric Bienenemy or Ben Johnson is ready to lead a team. Maybe the team could lure Jim Harbaugh away from Michigan.