6 pros and cons of firing Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott

After another gut-wrenching defeat, many Bills fans are calling for McDermott's firing. But is that the right move?
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Pro: Coach McDermott's decision making has been called into question

Ok, this depends on where you stand as far as how aggressive you want Coach McDermott to be. There have been moments throughout this season where I disagreed with his decisions. At times when going for it on fourth down or not going for it. We saw this a few weeks ago, with the Bills in the opponent's territory and he elected to punt each time. There was also the decision to challenge the catch on a minimal gain, which cost the team a timeout.

Many fans were upset with Coach McDermott not utilizing the 20 seconds and one timeout at the end of regulation to go for it and see if the team could get in field goal range, which I can understand but the one decision I didn't like was the overtime drive and kicking the field goal that close to the endzone. With how much the defense was struggling to stop the Eagles in that second half, I would have used all four downs to try to get six and end the game.