6 pros and cons of firing Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott

After another gut-wrenching defeat, many Bills fans are calling for McDermott's firing. But is that the right move?
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Pro: The Bills defense can't seem to get a stop late on game-ending drives

This idea has me somewhat perplexed. Is this in fact on Sean McDermott? Hard to say but three times this defense was unable to get a stop late to close out games. New England, Denver and now Philadelphia have all won games in the final seconds this season and nearly a fourth against the New York Giants. Despite the offensive struggles with Ken Dorsey, the Bills found themselves with leads late, only to have the defense give it away.

We've seen this in the past year as well, even going back to Josh Allen's first playoff game against the Houston Texans, when the Bills built up a 16 - 0 lead, only to have given it away in the end. We also have the 13 seconds against the Kansas City Chiefs and now the three games this season. Is it on McDermott?