Does it make sense for Bills to trade out of Round 1 of the NFL Draft?

Brandon Beane
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Pro: Buffalo Bills gain extra draft capital

One of the pros of trading out of the first round in this draft is that the Bills do not have a third-round pick. Trading back and getting extra capital to pick in both the second and third rounds makes sense. Because this wide receiver class is so deep, there will definitely be top-end talent in both the second and third rounds.

Along with getting the extra draft picks in the second and third rounds, there is more of a chance to get some help at a position not named wide receiver. The Bills do need help at safety, defensive tackle, defensive edge, and depth along the offensive line. Not only is this wide receiver class deep, but so is this offensive line class.

With all of these middle-round picks, there is more of a guarantee of hitting on these draft picks. This in turn helps the Bills to get younger and cheaper players around Josh Allen.

Con: Might miss out on a player that falls in the first round

A con of trading out of the first round is that there could be prospects that are believed to go in the Top 15 that could fall all the way to #28 where the Bills are picking. If they miss out on someone like Laiatu Latu, Byron Murphy II, or Brian Thomas Jr. falling that far, Brandon Beane would never forgive himself. These prospects are "sprint to the podium", no-brainer sort of picks. These rookies seem like they are talented enough to make some noise in the NFL, and what better team for them to make noise on than the Bills? (Hey-ey-ey-eyyyyy!)