Projecting the future of the Buffalo Bills 2025 free agents

The list of Buffalo Bills players slated to hit free agency in 2025 is long, but it's largely guys that were just signed to one-year deals, but let's look at a handful of the key upcoming free agents.
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Dependent on their 2024 performance and other unknown factors

Rasul Douglas, CB
Chase Claypool, WR

I put both of these guys here because there are so many factors that will play into their situation this season. Let's start wtih Douglas. He had a terrific season since coming over to the Bills in a mid-season trade, but a late injury down the stretch affected his performance in the playoffs. According to PFF, he was the 11th highest-graded cornerback last season but he'll be 31 next year, and Buffalo may want to continue their youth movement and look to the draft or potentially a younger, equally talented option in free agency. There is also the unknown of Kaiir Elam and whether he'll turn things around this season. Additionally, Ja'Marcus Ingram has played well and shown some skill early in his young career.

Like him or not, Chase Claypool has all the talent in the world. If he's got his mind right finally, he could be a star, but until we see it, there will be doubts. So far, in OTAs, he's looked great but we haven't seen the guys in pads yet. If he can continue to stack solid practice days, and do so when the pads are on, preseason will be interesting to watch. Buffalo is stacked in the receiver room, and by that I mean they have a lot of talented players, but none are better than the other. So, who makes this team for the 2024 season is anyone's guess, and Claypool could either get cut before the Bills kick off the 2024 season or find himself earning an extension beyond 2024.


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