Projected role for each draft pick by the Bills in the 2024 NFL Draft

How many rookies could have starting roles this upcoming season for the Buffalo Bills?
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Tylan Grable/Travis Clayton

Projected Role: Practice Squad

With two of their final three picks, the Buffalo Bills would draft offensive linemen Tylan Grable and Travis Clayton. At this point with the depth across the offensive line both players are likely practice squad players but Grable has the best chance between the two.

The reason is that Travis Clayton is part of the International Player Pathway Program and the Bills will receive an exemption on the practice squad. This means the Bills can have 17 players on the practice squad, one more than the standard practice squad.

While Grable might have the best chance, it still seems unlikely and it would be a big surprise if he were to make the 53-man roster over players like Tommy Doyle, Ryan Van Demark, or Alec Anderson.

Daequan Hardy

Projected Role: Backup cornerback, starting punt returner

The final player in this draft class was cornerback Daequan Hardy and was actually picked between Grable and Clayton in the sixth round. He played cornerback at Penn State and probably will be competing for the backup slot cornerback spot behind Taron Johnson.

However, he has an opportunity to have a big role this upcoming season with a chance to win the starting punt returner spot. The Bills released Deonte Harty this offseason and right now Khalil Shakir might be their best veteran option.

Hardy in his final season at Penn State would have 17 punt returns for an average of 14.6 yards per return with two returns ending in touchdowns. He should be in the mix right away for the mix and has a great chance to win it.