Projected role for each draft pick by the Bills in the 2024 NFL Draft

How many rookies could have starting roles this upcoming season for the Buffalo Bills?
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Ray Davis

Projected Role: 3rd running back in rotation, primarily goal-line/short-yardage

The Buffalo Bills had James Cook and Ty Johnson already on the roster and they should be number one and number two at the position. They are similar running backs and the Bills could use a bigger running back to pair with them and replace Latavius Murray from last year's team.

Ray Davis certainly fills that need and should be active most weeks as the short-yardage and goal-line back for this offense. In 3rd and short or inside the five-yard line, Davis is the one that should be on the field. However, he brings some versatility as a receiver that Joe Brady can keep defenses off balance by working in some play action with Davis running into the flat.

Sedrick Van Pran-Granger

Projected Role: Backup center

The Buffalo Bills would draft Sedrick Van Pran-Granger in the fifth round and even as a rookie it wouldn't be surprising if he found his way to being the starting center. He was the starting center for the Georgia Bulldogs for a few seasons and in the SEC went up against some of the best defensive linemen.

The Bills are going to be looking for a replacement for Mitch Morse, who was released this offseason. It would appear the plan right now is to move Connor McGovern over to center and have David Edwards start at left guard.

However, every option is on the table and the Bills are going to be looking for the best starting five. If Edwards struggles and Sedrick Van Pran-Granger impresses, it would make sense to move McGovern back to left guard and have the rookie start.

This will be a position that the Bills will want to settle on early to help Josh Allen get familiar with whoever is snapping him the ball this season.