Projected role for each draft pick by the Bills in the 2024 NFL Draft

How many rookies could have starting roles this upcoming season for the Buffalo Bills?
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DeWayne Carter

Projected Role: Ed Oliver backup

The Buffalo Bills would acquire a third-round pick during the NFL Draft with their trade with the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round and moving back. With this pick, the Bills would draft defensive tackle DeWayne Carter out of Duke.

Carter would play 50 games over five seasons with the Blue Devils and was a captain the last three years. He is a pro-ready prospect and with the way the Bills approach the position, he should have an immediate role on this defense.

The Bills rotate at defensive tackle frequently throughout the course of the game and usually have four tackles that play at least 30% of the snaps. Carter should now factor into that rotation and primarily be the backup to Ed Oliver as a three-tech but also line up next to him on downs that are clearly passing situations.