Pro Football Focus grades: top Buffalo Bills in Week 17

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Bills top-5 PFF offensive grades for week 17

1. Stefon Diggs - 73.1

Despite the solid PFF rank, some concerns are swirling around Stefon Diggs and no it's not the media-driven narrative, but the question has become, what's happened with Diggs? Out of a possible 69 snaps, he was in on 45. Both Khalil Shakir and Gabe Davis logged more. He was targeted seven times but came away with four receptions for only 26 yards. The PFF score is more about what he did that we don't see stats for, but something is off with Diggs usage the last month.

2. Dalton Kincaid - 69.7

Dalton Kincaid had another solid game this week, particularly after Knox came off the field with a head injury (he was cleared to return). Kincaid was also targeted seven times and had four receptions but he turned that into 87 yards. Kincaid is putting together the greatest rookie season by a tight end in Bills history too and has a chance to set new records this weekend as well.

3. Spencer Brown - 68.5

After next week's game, I plan to put together a list of the players that most frequented the top five each week and I have a feeling Spencer Brown may show up on that list. He has become a solid right tackle for the Bills and put to rest any questions or concerns the fan base had before the start of season

4. Khalil Shakir - 68.3

Khalil Shakir has been a pleasant surprise this season, similarly to Brown, Shakir has come on, especially over the second half of the season making plays for this offense out of the slot position. Against the Patriots, he had four receptions on four targets, for 39 yards.

5. Dion Dawkins - 65.1

I love to see any of the Bills' offensive linemen on this list, but at 65.1, Dawkins needs to be better. He should be the rock on this line and most weeks he is but the line, outside of Brown struggled somewhat against the Patriots.