A week-by-week predictive breakdown of the Buffalo Bills' remaining games in 2023

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Week 18: Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins (Road)

It's the final week of the season and at this point, Buffalo is sitting at 9 - 7. I mentioned earlier the Dolphins' next five games are against teams with losing records, which include the Las Vegas Raiders, Jets twice, Washington Commanders, and Tennessee Titans. Then they close it out with games against the Cowboys, Ravens, and Bills.

If the AFC East title is to come down to this game, the Dolphins will need to lose three of the next seven games. They could easily lose against the Ravens and Cowboys and a third will have to come from one of the next five. Anything can happen though along the way. The Bills typically play the Dolphins very well and have won five of the last six against the Tua-led Dolphins. Nothing changes, as the Bills win again. Bills win, 37 - 21

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