A week-by-week predictive breakdown of the Buffalo Bills' remaining games in 2023

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Week 16: Buffalo Bills vs Los Angeles Chargers (Road)

If you're keeping track, I've got Buffalo sitting at 7 - 7 after Week 15 and would still be in the playoff hunt at this point. The Chargers are a talented team but for whatever reason, they have never been able to turn that talent into consistent wins. I also think head coach Brandon Staley could be out in Los Angeles by this point too. The Chargers have some very winnable games leading up to this matchup but if they continue to drop games, it could be the end for Staley.

I have never been against the Chargers, and they are one of those teams that I'll root for more often than not but no matter who the quarterback is or the coach, they still find ways to lose. And this game will be no different, as the Bills get a much-needed road win against the Chargers. Bills win, 31 - 24