A week-by-week predictive breakdown of the Buffalo Bills' remaining games in 2023

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Week 14: Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs (Road)

Buffalo has played the Chiefs well in the regular season, winning the last two, both of them in Kansas City. The Chiefs offense isn't as good as it's been in years past, but the defense is probably the best it's been in the Patrick Mahomes era. Even though the Chiefs haven't dominated their opponents like they normally do, we have to give them credit for simply winning.

My expectations for this game could change significantly depending on how well the offense performs the two weeks prior. This will be a continuing theme throughout but if the Bills' offense is more of the same that we've seen, Buffalo probably loses this game. They can't turn the ball over against the Chiefs and expect to win. That said, I got the Bills in this one. Bills win, 27 - 20