A week-by-week predictive breakdown of the Buffalo Bills' remaining games in 2023

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Week 11: Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets (Home)

If Buffalo is going to turn this season around, it starts here. The Bills have to find a way to put up at least 20 points against the championship-caliber defense of the Jets. The key is turnovers. I know, shocker right? The first matchup between these two teams didn't go well, ending in a loss for the Bills. However, in that game, the Bills were able to move the ball but simply couldn't hold onto the ball, turning it over four times.

Even with the Bills depleted defense, I think it will only take 20+ points to win this game. Zach Wilson has had moments this season but simply isn't that good and the Jets offense doesn't put up many points. They've scored over 20 points only twice, one of which was against the Bilis; however, it took a punt return for six in overtime to get to 22 for the game. Buffalo wins, 23 - 17