Predicting rushing stats for Buffalo Bills RBs in 2024

Will the Bills have the same rushing attack like last year?
James Cook
James Cook / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

The 2023 season for the Buffalo Bills was a productive one in terms of rushing. It was the first season for the Bills having a 1,000+ yard rusher since LeSean McCoy in rising star James Cook. Outside of Cook though, there wasn't too much production out of the other running backs on the roster. Plus, there has been a significant shake-up in the running back room. The only two returning running backs are Cook and Ty Johnson (who didn't see many snaps until after Week 10). For the purpose of this article, I am looking at the top three options on this roster (James Cook, Ray Davis, and Ty Johnson). Assuming all three stay healthy for the entire year, it should be a lot of fun to watch.

James Cook

Cook had a breakout season in 2023, rushing for 1,122 yards on 237 carries (4.7 yards per carry.). As much as this was a good season for Cook, he only had 2 rushing touchdowns all year. A big reason for this is not having the size and frame to be an all-around back, so he didn't have many opportunities to carry in the red zone. That was left up to either Latavius Murray or Josh Allen. With the way that Cook has progressed in the off-season, it seems he has prepared more for a bigger work-load this season. He'll have less yards this year, but he won't have a significant dip, still getting over 1,000 yards. He will have a bigger role as well in the pass game, getting more targets there as well, so that will take away from some of his carries.

Prediction: 1,037 yards, 208 carries (4.99 yards per carry), 4 rushing touchdowns

Ray Davis

After Cook, it's a little hard to project the other two running backs in this room. Ty Johnson is the only other returning player in this room. Damien Harris, who shortly after the season ended, retired from the NFL, and as of this article, they did not re-sign Latavius Murray or Leonard Fournette. They did draft Ray Davis in the fourth round of the NFL Draft and signed undrafted free agent Frank Gore Jr. With Davis' skill set, he could be pretty useful in this offense. With both catching ability and his ability to get the tough yards, something Cook is not as strong at, he could get a decent chunk of the carries. Possibly more than Ty Johnson.

Prediction: 105 carries, 481 yards (4.58 yards per carry) and 5 touchdowns

Ty Johnson

Another year in the system could benefit Johnson. Just like Cook and Davis, Johnson is also a good option in the passing game. He is a good mix of both Cook and Davis, where he can shake defenders and is good in the open field, but also can get the tough yards in short yardage situations. Considering Johnson is a veteran and has a year in this system, he could get an early share of the carries in the season, but Davis might steal valuable reps from Johnson later in the season.

Prediction: 101 carries, 473 yards (4.68 yards per carry) and 5 touchdowns