Predicting where Josh Allen will finish in quarterbacks in fantasy football in 2023

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

Remember the days when the Buffalo Bills went through a quarterback cycle and it seemed like that the cycle would never be broken? Well since 2018, that cycle was officially broken when the Bills traded up for their future franchise quarterback in Josh Allen.

Not only has Allen helped bring back hope for Bills football, but he has also become a player in fantasy football that has helped teams potentially win championships (and who knows…maybe a Super Bowl championship is coming in the short-term future for the Bills). 

Over the last three seasons, Allen has averaged 397.72 points, with his most points in fantasy taking place in 2021 with 402.58. Along with Patrick Mahomes, Allen has been one of the most consistent fantasy quarterbacks when it comes to getting points. In addition, what has made Allen arguably the most dangerous quarterback in fantasy is his running ability, whether it was off scripted or a planned run.

As the Bills go into 2023, there seems to be a vision and a common goal: limit Allen from unnecessary contact. The offseason moves made by the Bills could be an indication that they want to protect the franchise and not force “super plays” out of him. This includes forming a true running back committee, extra protection upfront, and bringing in depth at receiving options.

Throughout his career, Allen at times would either try to force a big play or be pressured to the point where he had to make a play that was not planned. Each year, Allen gets a little older and the hits he takes can start to take an effect on his body. This could be a difference maker in Allen’s fantasy impact as there is a chance that he is not involved in the run game. 

While the Bills will still be a pass-first team, the running production from Allen may decrease. Expect Allen to maintain a top five fantasy campaign through the pass, but take a little bit of a hit when it comes to getting his legs involved to help make a play. 

Prediction: Josh Allen finishes in the top three of the league in passing, but his running abilities is limited which lowers his overall fantasy points.