Predicting the Buffalo Bills WR depth chart entering training camp

•Starting wide receivers should be unchanged for Buffalo Bills

•Who wins the starting slot receiver job?

•Who earns the final spots on the depth chart?

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4th Wide Receiver: Deonte Harty

The "fourth wide receiver" might not be an official spot on the depth chart but it is a clear role in the Buffalo Bills offense. In the past, Isaiah McKenzie has been the player in that role which is more of a gadget player that can take advantage of mismatches with their speed and move around the formation before the snap.

That role this year is going to belong to Deonte Harty, who the Bills signed as a free agent this offseason. The former New Orleans Saints wide receiver has 64 career receptions and 15 rushing attempts with an average of 12.4 yards per reception and 8.2 yards per rushing attempt.

This season offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey will have some dedicated plays in the playbook for Deonte Harty. The goal is that they can use his speed to capitalize on some explosive plays that can swing momentum in the Bills' favor.