Playoff teams ranked: are the Buffalo Bills one of the top teams

Buffalo Bills
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2. San Francisco 49ers (12 - 5)

The 49ers started the season on fire, winning their first five games by wide margins, outside a seven-point win against the Rams. Then they hit a three-game stretch where they scored only 17 points in each game, dropping all three. Then they got rolling again, winning six in a row and considered by many as the best team in the NFL. Then the Ravens hosted the 49ers and proceeded to rough up San Francisco. Regardless, the 49ers are the team to beat in the NFC.

1. Baltimore Ravens (13 - 4)

The Ravens are the league's only 13-win team and three of their four losses were against current playoff teams. The lone non-playoff team was an overtime loss to the Indianapolis Colts who were right there all the way to Week 18. This team is solid, ranking sixth in both offense and defense and is led by likely this year's league MVP, Lamar Jackson. The one question is going to be, can Jackson win in the playoffs? The Ravens have only one playoff win since Jackson became the starting quarterback. This will be the narrative until Jackson and the Ravens prove differently.


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