Playoff teams ranked: are the Buffalo Bills one of the top teams

Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills took care of business, as they had the previous three seasons. This Bills team just has a way of getting things rolling down the stretch and closing out the regular season with a winning streak. This was no different, winning five straight and climbing from the 11th seed five weeks ago, to the AFC's number two seed and the AFC East division title.

The Bills punched their ticket to the NFL postseason for the fourth consecutive season and fifth of the last six seasons. But both conferences are welcoming newcomers, such as the Houston Texans and Cleveland Browns in the AFC and the Detroit Lions on the NFC side. If I get my way, the Super Bowl teams would be the Bills and Lions. The storylines within that matchup of two teams that have never won a Super Bowl would be a lot of fun.

The usual suspects are present as well, such as the returning Super Bowl champion Kansas City and the team that represented the NFC last season, the Philadelphia Eagles. The Dallas Cowboys are division champs and will host a wildcard team this weekend. The San Francisco 49ers are back in the postseason and looking for some revenge after what happened to them last season in the NFC Championship game.

The NFL playoffs consists of 14 teams, eight division champions, and six wildcard teams. How do they all stack up against one another? Are the 49ers the best team in the league or maybe the Baltimore Ravens, who already dominated the 49ers a couple of weeks ago? With that, let's get into our NFL playoff power rankings.