4 players that will need to step up for the Buffalo Bills in Week 4

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Taylor Rapp - Safety

We know that Jordan Poyer will not be able to go in this game and it's likely to be Taylor Rapp to fill his shoes. There has been some chatter about Damar Hamlin or Cam Lewis getting the start but I believe it will be Rapp. He'll need to have a solid game too but understand that Miami will likely make some plays in the passing game. He will need to stay patient and don't let all the misdirection get him out of position.

Rapp and Hamlin are similar in that they are solid run defenders and that's what they excel at, but Rapp will need to be careful and not get sucked into play-action and let Tyreek Hill or Jalen Waddle get behind him. This exact scenario is why the Buffalo Bills signed Rapp this past offseason and this is his opportunity to show that it was well deserved.