4 players that will need to step up for the Buffalo Bills in Week 4

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Gregory Rousseau - Edge

Gregory Rousseau needs to have a big day, not only in pass rushing but also against the run. According to PFF, Rousseau has been solid in run defense, scoring a run defense grade of 77.6 and an overall of 80.8. The Dolphins are more of a run team than most fans realize and if Rousseau can make some plays in the backfield, stopping the Dolphins' run game, it'll go a long way towards stopping their attack.

Rousseau has only one sack on the season, but he's been a big part of the Bills defensive front and he'll need to make his presence known this week to disrupt the Dolphins offense. He's recorded eight total pressures though and his presence has helped the others on the line get those sacks. I expect more of that this week.

Ed Oliver - Defensive Tackle

Ed Oliver will be a key in this game. Thus far, he's been fantastic anchoring the middle of the Bills' defensive line. We've seen him taking on double-team blocks and now beating those blocks and making plays. He has three sacks on the season and ten total pressures. I think Oliver is the single most vital player in this game too.

As I mentioned, the Dolphins are more of a run team than people realize. They use the run game to set up the pass and McDaniels does a good job of utilizing misdirection and confusion to spring his backs free. Oliver can completely blow up the run game if he can get consistent penetration, pushing the middle of the pocket and living in the Dolphins' offensive backfield.

Not only is his penetration important but it will also cause problems for Tua and the passing game. They say the fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line and Oliver can make a beeline for Tua, getting quick pressure and forcing him off his first read.