4 players that will need to step up for the Buffalo Bills in Week 4

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Buffalo Bills versus the Miami Dolphins, NFL game of the week and we've all been talking about this battle all week long. Most of the talk has been about the Miami offense given their 70 points last week. Odd that no one is talking about their defense, but I guess when you score 70, there is no need for a good defense, right?

Well, the Dolphins haven't gone up against a defense of the Bills caliber. They won't be scoring 70 this week and the real question this week should be can the Dolphins slow down Josh Allen and the Bills offense? I don't think they can, and we all know the story of how Josh Allen owns the Miami Dolphins and that continues there but there are a few players that need to step up this week, not named Josh Allen.

Before we get into who those players are, let's talk about score predictions first. I don't think Miami can stop or slow down Buffalo's offense. Miami will score but Buffalo's defense will make plays as well against Tua and their offense. The Dolphins run game could be a problem but at the end of the day, I think Buffalo scores a couple of turnovers, making the difference. Bills win this week 41 - 27 and take the lead in the AFC East.