PFF predicts Stefon Diggs trade will derail Josh Allen's season

Okay then.
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In case you missed it (and how could you have?), the Buffalo Bills traded Stefon Diggs away earlier this offseason. The Bills were dunked on for trading away their best weapon (and for doing so for virtually peanuts) but Gordon McGuinness of Pro Football Focus is taking it one step further.

McGuinness wrote about one reason why every team in the AFC won't make the playoffs. It's hard to come up with a reason for the Bills because they've been constants in the playoffs in recent years but McGuinness' reason for them is the absence of Diggs will be too much to overcome.

"The additions of rookie wide receiver Keon Coleman and free agent Curtis Samuel, along with the potential for Khalil Shakir — who dropped just one of his 50 catchable targets last season — to continue his emergence, is a reason for optimism after the Bills traded away Stefon Diggs this offseason. However, the reality is that Diggs saw 74 more targets than any other Bills player last season, and at least 50 more targets than anyone else in all four of his seasons with the team."

Gordon McGuinness

Absence of Stefon Diggs could cause Bills to miss playoffs

Diggs was one of the biggest playmakers for the Bills during his time in Buffalo so, yes, losing him is going to hurt the offense. That being said, this is a team with Josh Allen at the helm for goodness sakes. Allen has proven that as long as he is healthy, this team can make a run at any given time. Last year was the best chance for them to miss the postseason after sitting at 6-6 but they ran the table, won the AFC East, and a playoff game.

Diggs was a big piece for the Bills but he was dramatic and the Bills have now done away with that headache. They drafted Keon Coleman in the second round and he's hopefully going to become their new scary threat that Allen can rely on.

We'll see how Diggs does in Houston and how the Bills fare without him but truthfully, the only reason the Bills would realistically miss the playoffs is if Josh Allen has to miss an extended period of time. Otherwise, this team is pretty much locked into a spot.