NFL Draft 2024: Best players available Buffalo Bills should target on Day 2

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Adisa Isaac - Edge, Penn State

If the Bills don't go with a wide receiver in the second round, I believe the pick will be an edge defender. Adisa Isaac would be a solid pick, but like McConkey, Beane would probably need to trade up for him. He's 6'4" 254 pounds and brings excellent length off the edge. He recorded 7.5 sacks last season and 37 total tackles. Isasc is Pro Football Focus's fourth-ranked edge defender and would be a solid addition to the Bills in the second round.

The Bills need to add some depth, with the potential to become an impact starter down the road. Isaac has the skill set to become a solid player and could have an impact as a rookie in Coach McDermott's rotation up front. The opportunity for these young pass rushers to learn from Miller would be ideal. The Bills could choose to go another direction that's not edge or wide receiver. Let's get to those options now.