NFL analyst makes ridiculous claim about Sean McDermott and Bills

Is Nick Wright, right, about Sean McDermott being on the hot seat?
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

As we move into the dry part of the off-season, NFL analysts will tend to run out of stuff to discuss on TV every day.

When that’s the case, you get analysts like Stephen A. Smith talking about how Stefon Diggs “wants out” last summer, or just recently when Fox Sports One analyst Nick Wright said “Sean McDermott is in a Super Bowl or bust season”, and could be fired if they don’t at least make the Super Bowl this year. You can watch the full video here where Wright and the panel discuss the Buffalo Bills. Which in my opinion is a funny thing to say right after a team's Head Coach lost most of his starters on both sides of the ball in just a couple of months. Is Nick Wright, right, about Sean McDermott being on the hot seat? Well, the short answer is no. 

I don’t think any reasonable Bills fan wants Sean McDermott gone right now. Check back in during January/February and that might be a different story. But I’ll explain why Nick Wright was “wrong” on this take, and why Bills fans should expect him to coach through the 2025 season. 

Sean McDermott and GM Brandon Beane are a package deal. You’re not firing one and keeping another. They both got the Buffalo Bills job in the same year, just a few months apart from each other. Both of them have respect for one another. And if it was up to Beane, he wouldn’t fire his coach. Not to mention that Beane just released half of the Bills starters from a season ago, including multiple All-Pro players. The Bills didn’t have enough cap space, despite their best efforts, to replace many players they let go of, and did most of their work through the draft. 

It will take time for these rookies to get fully involved in the team, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be called upon early though. They’ll be relying on rookies more than this regime ever has, which means there could be a learning curve early on in the season and some more bumps than we've seen from a Sean McDermott-led football team since 2018. This new era of Bills football isn’t set, either. With the way the Bills' cap space happened to play out this off-season, this team knows it will be a two-year rebuild before the fans see their true potential. 

In case you skimmed down to the end of the article, let me sum it up for you. Nick Wright’s take on live TV was ridiculous and was only said to get Bills fans riled up, and if you watched the segment, you probably were a bit upset over it.

Nick Wright may be talking to gain viewership and popularity, but as a Chiefs fan, he hasn’t been very kind to the Bills since their rise to stardom either. He’s built up a following of Bills fans who just watch him to see what crazy takes he has next, and this is just another one of those takes.

So take it easy, enjoy the summer, and training camp will be here in just a short while.