Missing pieces: how these 3 draft picks can help Bills contend in 2024

The Buffalo Bills have ten picks in the 2024 NFL Draft. But there are three must-add prospects they must add to the 2024 roster.
Ladd McConkey
Ladd McConkey / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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Ladd McConkey - receiver, Georgia

There seem to be some fans out there who don't believe McConkey can be a number-one receiver because he's not a boundary receiver. He played over 70% of his snaps at Georgia as the outside receiver. Secondly, what exactly is a "number one" receiver? Is it a title limited to only the boundary receiver? The answer to that question is simple, no. Tom Brady made a career and won six Super Bowls with slot receivers and a tight end as his "number one". Patrick Mahomes is doing it right now with Travis Kelce.

Also, when you compare Stefon Diggs' draft scouting report, it is similar to McConkey's. Not an X receiver, not big enough or fast enough, but could carve out a role as a slot receiver. How did that work out for Diggs? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying McConkey is Diggs, just saying that the "prototypical" boundary receiver is, in my opinion, overrated. I'm looking for a receiver that is an elite route runner and can run the entire route tree, and make the catch when targeted. McConkey is that guy. Can he play outside, I see no reason why he can't, which leaves Khalil Shakir in the slot, where he could become Allen's "number one" target.