Keon Coleman quickly becoming fan favorite for Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills
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Keon Coleman has been a Buffalo Bill for a few days and is already becoming a favorite among Bills Mafia. You cannot be upset now if you were upset on Day Two of the NFL Draft that the Bills took Coleman. You can already see the energy this young man brings, the charisma and fun too. He's also already earned himself a nickname, Cookie Coleman. You gotta see the video.

Buffalo Bills Keon Coleman is going to be fun

His introductory press conference was fun, as he had a conversation with a reporter about his yellow puffer jacket, to which Coleman admitted he needed to get two more, a red and blue one. He went on to discuss with this reporter what a great deal he got on the jacket too. All while not realizing the mic in front of him was on. Coleman brings an infectious energy and enthusiasm that seems to have been missing for the last year and a half.

Josh Allen has not been discreet about his affection and excitement having Coleman on the team. I'm looking forward to seeing Allen on the field again and seeing that youthful exuberance we were used to see through Allen's first five seasons. That was missing last season, and I think we all know why. Aside from Coleman's talents on the field and what he brings to the offense, I think what might be a bigger deal that isn't talked about is what Coleman will do for Allen mentally. Allen will have fun again, and Coleman will be a big reason for that.

Coleman is a breath of fresh and something this organization needed. Can he be this team's "number one" receiver? I think he has the talent to be the go-to guy, but time will tell. Fortunately, the Bills have Khalil Shakir, who has Allen's trust, as well as Dalton Kincaid. Many Bills fans don't have a lot of confidence in the Bills offense right now, but we have one of the two best quarterbacks in the league, and Allen will raise the level of those around him.


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