5 ways Josh Allen can shine in Buffalo Bills massive showdown with the Eagles

Josh Allen
Josh Allen / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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Find Gabe Davis, particularly in the second half

I know we haven't heard much from Gabe Davis in a while, but this is just the sort of game that Davis shows up for. He's earned the nickname Big Game Gabe for a reason. Since Davis' 12 target, nine receptions game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers three weeks ago, he's been targeted only eight times, including no targets last week.

All that to say I think this is a game he shows up in. If the Bills keep hitting the running backs in the flats and Kincaid underneath and over the middle, it will force the Eagles to move their coverages closer to the line of scrimmage and also dedicate more coverage to Kincaid. This should open things up down the sidelines for Davis in single coverage, which should allow for a big play or two from "Big Game" Gabe.