Joe Namath makes obvious but wrong pick in Buffalo Bills vs. NY Jets prediction

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Fall season is back which means all dedicated football fans will have their eyes on the screens for college football on Saturdays and on the NFL on Sundays. Former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath joined the ESPN crew for college football on Saturday morning for predictions across the games throughout the weekend. The crew was also able to sneak in a prediction segment about the Monday night NFL primetime game between the Buffalo Bills and the Jets.

Three out of the five members of the crew predicted the Jets to win their home opener in Aaron Rodgers' debut in MetLife, including Namath. The Hall of Fame quarterback went on to talk about how the Jets' offensive line has to improve their play but noted that if they are able to hold up their end of responsibilities, the Jets will end up with the win against the Bills.

It is no surprise that Namath is choosing the Jets. He is arguably the best quarterback in the team's franchise and with all of the moves that the Jets made this offseason, Jets fans have a reason to be excited. Then that is where the Bills come into play to spoil the offseason victories...

The Jets have been the most watched team this offseason because of the acquisition of Rodgers, and have been watched on Hard Knocks after essentially being told that they would be the team to headline the show. Now that the offseason is over, it is time for the Jets to prove that their offseason victory can transition onto the field.

In a new system, Rodgers will have to be on the go and be able to work with new players that he has not played with before. On top of that, like Namath said, the offensive line will be tested by a Bills' defensive line that is out to make Rodgers' night a long one.

While this game will be a great matchup, the team that has the most noise throughout the offseason will have the greatest amount of pressure. The Bills on the other hand have been mainly quiet aside from the Stefon Diggs situation. Monday night will be a big night for both teams heading into the regular season.

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