How the Bills 2024 season could change the landscape of Joe Brady's career

Could Joe Brady be running his own team next season?
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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Going into his seventh year as the franchise for the Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen has had stability throughout this career with coaching. When you compare Allen to his draft classmates back in 2018, he and Lamar Jackson have been the only ones that have succeeded with the same coaching staff. Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen on the other hand went into tough situations because of the constant changes they had.

Allen has had just three offensive coordinators in Buffalo. He started out with Brian Daboll who helped develop Allen into a star in his first three seasons and then elevated the Buffalo offense around him. Once Daboll left the Bills, quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey was promoted as there was continuity between him and Allen. After a solid first year working together, Dorsey’s time as the offensive coordinator came to an abrupt end when he was fired in the middle of last season. The Bills’ offense looked horrendous and failed to be the same powerful offense they once were against teams like the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and New York Giants.

Sean McDermott turned to Joe Brady who was the quarterbacks coach and promoted him to interim offensive coordinator. Down the stretch of last season, Brady unlocked a new look offense where the ball was not just going to Stefon Diggs. Guys like Khalil Shakir, Dalton Kincaid, and even a little bit more of James Cook were getting heavily involved in the offense. Thinking about it, with Brady taking over the offense and helping the Bills get out of their slump that led them to winning the AFC East again, it showed Bills fans that Diggs was not as needed as we once thought.

This past offseason, Brady was able to remove the interim tag and is now the full-time offensive coordinator heading into 2024. With how the NFL operates, there seems to always be head coaching jobs open at some point in the middle of a season or at the conclusion. This is a chance for coordinators to prove themselves and atleast get an interview with teams. While some fired head coaches get jobs quickly, there is a reason why they were let go in the first place.

Brady has a unique opportunity to show the rest of the league what he can do with this Bills offense next season. With all of the chances that Buffalo made as a whole, the entire coaching staff will be observed closely. However, Brady has an advantage going into this season because of who his quarterback is.

Could Brady get himself a head coach position after 2024?

Brady will be heading into his seventh year working in the NFL, having worked for the New Orleans Saints as an offensive assistant (2017-2018), the Carolina Panthers as the offensive coordinator (2020-2021) and obviously with the Bills for the last two seasons. Brady’s highlight of his coaching career up to this point was being the passing game coordinator for LSU in 2019 where he had the chance to work with players like Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson. 

As Brady heads into 2024, he will be watched as how he works with this new look offense. If he is able to shock the NFL by putting the Bills’ offense as one of the best units in the league, it should be no surprise if he gets calls about a head coaching job that might be open.

Teams like the New Orleans Saints and New York Jets have coaches that are on the hot seat and if changes are made, Brady has a prime opportunity to potentially put his name in the running as a head coach in 2025.